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Enlightened Entrepreneurial Badasses is all about helping you optimise mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health in order to grow stronger from the inside-out and realise your truest potential. Host and mindset, health & wellness expert, Michael Glover, combines his relaxed chats with industry leading coaches, health gurus and spiritual thought leaders with his own uniquely expressed thoughts on optimising our mindset, personal development, brain performance, health, controlling that crazy b****rd in your head and just generally building that rock-solid badass mind-body-soul foundation that helps us win at life! Inspired by the likes of Underground Wellness by Sean Croxton, The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson, Elliot Hulse, Lewis Howes, James Altutcher & Rich Roll.
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Jan 9, 2017

What a privilege it was to have Danny Iny on the podcast this week.

Danny runs a company called Mirasee, where they help visionary businesses and entrepreneurs to make a huge impact through teaching and sharing huge value with their audience.

He's also the bestselling author of several books as well as the host of his own podcast, Business Reimagined.

But something close to Danny's heart (and a huge part of his business) is showing how entrepreneurs can become teachers and use education in order further their success and impact.

In fact, he's written a bestselling book on the subject called Teach & Grow Rich, which he's recently updated and will be releasing the second edition imminently.

So I wanted to talk to Danny about his story of how he stepped into being a teacher in his business and also talk about the book itself.

In the Episode, We Talk About...

  • Danny's story of going from $250k in personal debt to living his dream life through teaching and inspiring others.
  • How creating a different story around your 'failures' can prevent you from always holding yourself back.
  • How to cope when everything seems to be going wrong in your life.
  • Why teaching is a 'different kind of opportunity' and how to use it to make more impact in your life and business.
  • Why it's so important to find your 'democratised access' when it comes to teaching.
  • How to figure out your personal zone of genius that you can teach to others.
  • The power of using 'education' in your business, as opposed to just information.
  • What Danny sees as the three biggest reasons people stop themselves from succeeding when starting to teach others (and how to overcome them).


Enjoy the episode! You can give it a listen via the player above.

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Love, Laughter & Light,

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