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Enlightened Entrepreneurial Badasses is all about helping you optimise mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health in order to grow stronger from the inside-out and realise your truest potential. Host and mindset, health & wellness expert, Michael Glover, combines his relaxed chats with industry leading coaches, health gurus and spiritual thought leaders with his own uniquely expressed thoughts on optimising our mindset, personal development, brain performance, health, controlling that crazy b****rd in your head and just generally building that rock-solid badass mind-body-soul foundation that helps us win at life! Inspired by the likes of Underground Wellness by Sean Croxton, The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson, Elliot Hulse, Lewis Howes, James Altutcher & Rich Roll.
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Jul 22, 2016

We've all heard of the idea of forgiveness.

And most of us will have heard the term 'forgive and forget'.

But I'm willing to bet that many of us have never really thought too much about forgiveness, what it means and how we can use it.

I know I certainly haven't until recently.

But it turns out that we can utilise the idea of real forgiveness to dramatically improve our emotional health and deal with some of the twisted emotional feelings that get tied up inside of us.

So that's what I want to talk about in this episode of the podcast.

I talk about...

  • How we usually use forgiveness to our own and others' detriment.
  • Why it's important to forget as well as forgive.
  • Why it's also important to go as far as forgetting our forgiveness as well.
  • How to stop 'owning' your grudges.
  • Stopping our condemnation of people to nip the need for forgiveness in the bud.
  • Why it's important to also forgive ourselves.
  • How to stop having emotional reactions to our mistakes of the past.

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Love, Laughter & Light,

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